Apartma n.3 POMIGRANAJ za 2 odrasla, 2 otroka

All our apartments can also accommodate a small number of people (from 2, the rental price is reduced accordingly)

Vhod / dostop:Lasten vhod
Vhod se deli z drugimi gosti
Velikost:82 m2 + 7 m2 (terasa / balkon)
Značilnosti enote:Spalnic: 1
Kopalnic: 1
Kajenje dovoljeno na terasi
Oprema:Internet / WiFi
Klimatska naprava
Otroška posteljica
Dodatno pomožno ležišče
Satelitski TV program
Storitve:Turistična taksa (odrasli)
Turistična taksa (otroci)
Zaključno čiščenje
Hišni ljubljenčki niso dovoljeni


Free parking is available on-site.

Smoking and pets are not allowed.

Check-in is on day of arrival from 16h to 22h,
check-out is on day of departure from 8h to 10 h

Breakfast is from 8 to 10 a.m. **aditional

Apartments reservations on weekends are only possible for at least 2 nights (FRI-SUN), during the week or on Sunday also for 1 night (except holidays).
In case the apartment on weekend in high season is still available 3 days before arrival, you can also book it for 1 night only. *Additional payment 30 - 40%, depended the selected apartament.


**Free cancellation is possible up to a maximum of 14 days prior to arrival.

If guests do not show up they will be charged the total price.